Obama’s ineligibility: Congress needs to be dope-slapped


James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, stated:

“Do not separate text from historical background. If you do, you will have perverted and subverted the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted, bastardized form of illegitimate government.”

The text of the Constitution and its historical background unequivocally assert that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible to be President because he has never met the requirements for natural born citizenship i.e. someone born in the US of citizen parents at the time of birth.

It is clearly the responsibility of Congress, which has legal standing, to resolve the issue of Obama’s ineligibility.

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American Pursuit of Greatness

By MG Paul E. Vallely; US Army (Ret.)

Impeach Obama and Demand Resignation of a Regime

In the course of American history, when the nation was most in need of a leader who could rally the nation to literally survive catastrophes, a common man has come forth and done so, with valor, clarity of purpose, and vision. These unassuming, surprising men, like George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, FDR and Ronald Reagan, to name a few, each with their foibles and critics, stood up and secured the security and prosperity of this nation, FIRST and FOREMOST! Each gave the nation a sense of purpose and vision, instilled with legitimate hope, and changed the course of the ship of state away from the rocks, and into navigable waters leading to victory, recovery, and success.

In the course of modern day events, unfolding by the minute, America has never been more in need of such leadership. However, we are now in a situation where the current leadership (or lack thereof) of the nation has done something quite extraordinary, they have found a way to do destroy America. They have charted a course of designed failure. True leaders do not lay blame upon others, they do not lie to, and manipulate the citizenry, they do not cast personal aspersions, they do not cloud arguments, they do not twist facts, they lead by example. They do what is in the best interest of the nation, FIRST!

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The Doomed President

American Thinker
Pundits muse how Obama can save his presidency.  He cannot.  Obama, politically, is doomed.  Republicans do not have a Reagan waiting in the wings, but that will not matter in 2012.  All Republicans are attempting to don the mantle of Reagan, who has thoroughly captured in death what he could not in life, the heart of the Republican Party.  This grand and overriding figure, like FDR and Lincoln, will dominate the rhetoric and policies of the Republican Party.  Republicans will not commit hara-kiri in 2012.

Has Obama gone Bozo with our Defense?

Socialism is not the Answer

1 Dragon


I’m sure most of you have heard the story, if you make guns illegal, only criminals will have guns. Well if you take away our defense, that would be like an open invitation to every country that dislikes us to come on in and do your worst. There is a great piece on Real Clear Politics that talks about this. Maybe Obama needs to read it too. An Unconstitutional President signing nuclear deals with Communist countries just doesn’t sound good. But then everything else he has signed doesn’t sound good either. I think the whole job is above his pay grade, maybe he should have stayed in Chicago as a Community Organizer or tried his luck at being a clown in a circus. Well he never stays long in one place, he is always traveling and apparently he thinks the job as President is a joke.

Ronald Regan said Peace through Strength, Teddy Roosevelt said Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick and one of my favorite lines was by Chuck Norris who said, if you come back in here…I’m going to hit you with so many lefts..your going to beg me for a right. The world is not going to sit down and have a coke and talk about the good old days but maybe Obama needs to sit down and think about resigning from Office. He’s done enough damage.

We must now enact a Declaration of Independence from Obama Tyranny

Canada Free Press

Until recently, most people in the United States of America did not believe that Marxist Obama’s mission was actually to destroy our country.

The majority of US citizens believed that—before all else—like other presidents of the United States, Obama would eventually place this country before his and his masters’ debauched and perverted desires.  But, Obama is not like other presidents of this country and, it strongly appears, legally he may not be POTUS at all.

Millions of our countrymen and women have finally awakened to the truth of his dark assignment:  To destroy anything and everything that even remotely resembles America and its delivered promise of freedom and liberty to its citizens and the world.  The Shining City Upon the Hill that President Ronald Reagan spoke about was part of the Obama planned demolition.

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