Why is this Anti-Gun, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” Candidate still Running for President?


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Tim Macy, Chairman of Gun Owners of America, wrote an open letter to Second Amendment supporters exposing Republican presidential candidate John Kasich’s real anti-gun agenda.

Labeling Kasich the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” still in the presidential race, Macy points to Kasich’s close relationship with Leftist, Communist, billionaire George Soros. In fact, the Soros Fund Management is one of John Kasich’s top financial contributors.

“This can hardly be a surprise,” Macy writes. His full letter can be read here. An abbreviated version is below.

Kasich and Soros share two important traits:  (1) their desire to mess up the Republican selection process for devious motives, and (2) their absolute hatred for the Second Amendment. 

Kasich’s antipathy towards gun rights is no secret to anyone who’s watched his career.

He famously joined a gaggle of fellow-RINO’s and cast the deciding vote to impose a ban on semi-auto firearms.  For this, he received a personal letter of thanks from a gun-hating Bill Clinton.


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Kasich voted for background checks in 1993, a system where roughly 95% of denials are “false positives.” Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department has, since November, shifted FBI employees to insure that, if you’re illegally blocked by NICS from purchasing a firearm, you can never get your record corrected.

In 1999, Kasich voted to retain restrictive gun ban in Washington, D.C.  Not only that, Kasich joined the effort to pass 90% of Clinton’s anti-gun agenda as a form of “gun control lite.”

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Did Mitt Romney Just File Papers to Run for President?

Free Republic

Doc source appears legit – link address directs to FEC disclosure site. Original app was created in late October of 2015 and signed off on January 30th, 2016. Those dates make it appear even more likely this has been a plan in the works for some time and more fully explains Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech yesterday. Mr. Romney is making certain he has a seat at the proverbial convention table should there be a brokered convention.

It shows Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan preparing to make another presidential run – a plan that began back in October according to the filing date. This appears to come from the official FEC.gov website.

(Excerpt) Read more at thegatewaypundit.com

McConnell praises Obama on trade

The Hill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) praised President Obama on the “fast-track” trade bill, saying the Democratic commander in chief has “done his country a service.”
“I’d like to thank the President, too. No, you’re not hearing things. President Obama has done his country a service by taking on his base and pushing back on some of the more ridiculous rhetoric we’ve heard,” the Republican leader said. “He was right to remind everyone that ‘you don’t make change through slogans’ or ‘ignoring realities.’ ”

McConnell added that Obama “should be recognized” for his role in the trade fight.

His remarks are the latest example of the unusual political divisions created by the fast-track bill, which will allow the president to get trade deals approved by Congress with a simple majority vote and will prevent the deals from being amended.

Obama and congressional Republicans back fast-track, but most Democrats oppose it, and Senate Democrats voted against the White House earlier this week.

Republicans have used the division to criticize their Democratic colleagues over the trade bill. On Wednesday, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said the trade legislation “isn’t the normal story of Democrats versus Republicans.”

“This isn’t a normal story of Democrats versus Republicans or Sen. Reid versus Sen. McConnell,” he said. “Oh, no, this is a story about Sen. Reid versus President Obama.”
Senate leadership struck a deal Wednesday on moving forward on the trade legislation, with senators expected to take a procedural vote on proceeding to the “fast-track” trade bill on Thursday afternoon.

Keeping awake while Obama sings his Marxist Lullabye

Canada Free Press

By Judi McLeod  Friday, January 22, 2010

Distressing as the latest news of McCain’s co-opting Senator Scott Brown and even Sarah Palin into Amnesty is, the biggest danger for America is allowing Obama to “normalize” his obsessive agenda for the United States of America.

There is nothing “normal” about wanting to transform America into a Socialist state.

There is nothing “normal” about community organizer Chicago street activists shutting the door on American sovereignty as soon as they arrived at the White House as President and First Lady.

There is nothing “normal” about a president and First Lady who hate America.

There is nothing “normal” about people who go so far out of their way to hide their pasts.

Obama is trying to distract patriots when he compares what happened Tuesday night in Massachusetts to his own election on Nov. 4, 2008.

Both before and after Lt. Col. Scott Brown’s arrival in Washington, Obama was bad news in action for the United States of America and what is left of the Free World.

To be clear Barack Hussein Obama is not just another Jimmy Carter, he is an unflinching ideologue who will use anything at his disposal to get what he wants: a broken America forced to worship at the hideous altar of Socialism.

Marxists seethe on the inside and show a deceitful charm to those who stand in their way long enough to get their way!

There is a warning in the reply to the comment of a Michigan woman included in the comments of former Marine and Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Jerry McConnell today:  “The Scott Brown victory was a very needed boost to the morale of those who love America and want to keep her free! God should get the glory, he heard our prayers,” the Michigan commenter wrote.

“Like you I thought the Scott Brown victory was a prayer answered, and really it was; but two days later I wondered if he was all that I thought him to be,” McConnell responded.  “He has sided with the RINO John McCain and is now going soft on amnesty; I’m sure at McCain’s urging.

“But even more discouraging news came from Sarah Palin yesterday when even SHE agreed to campaign for RINO McCain and said she supported McCain’s views on amnesty for the illegal aliens.

“McCain sweet-talks people telling them how beneficial “bipartisanship” is for the country; and in reality, if it could be done I would have to agree.  But to the liberal Democrats the word bipartisanship means only: “Do it my way” and if you disagree with what they want,  you are not being “bipartisan”.  What a bunch of baloney.

“So those two revelations in addition to an earlier report that Rupert Murdoch, the Fox News biggie, is about to enter into an agreement with one of the Saudi princes that can only mean more concessions to radical Islamism.

“What promised to be a week of big celebrations has turned into a depressing turn of events.  I am hoping that the Tea Partiers can come up with something to counteract all these bad news items.  I guess I’ll have to pray a little harder from now on.”

While praying, we should all keep our eye on The One who, just as Saul Alinsky advises,  works so hard to keep us all demoralized and distracted.

What could be better for a deceitful Marxist than patriots let down by their own folk hero leaders?

As some of our “conservatives” put their egos ahead of the people, it will be more important than ever to remember that it was the independents more than the card-carrying Repubs (RINOS) who gave us proof in the Massachusetts Miracle that main-street America rejects Obama.