Clinton State Dept. Blew $18.5 Mil to Renovate Unused Afghan Jail



While this doesn’t compare to the Benghazi terrorist attacks, here’s yet another State Department scandal that occurred under Hillary Clinton; the agency blew $18.5 million to renovate a prison in Afghanistan that remains unfinished and unused years after the U.S.-funded work began.

It gets better; the State Department officer overseeing the multi-million-dollar boondoggle was corrupt and convicted for accepting bribes from an agency contractor, according to a scathing report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). With that kind of supervision, is it any wonder that only half the contracted work got done and that it was subsequently determined to be defective by an independent firm. This includes failure to backfill trenches, improper roof flashing, soil settlement issues and the failure to connect six back-up generators to the prison’s power grid.

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