Obama’s desire to close down GITMO may be about his nefarious alliances.


Free Republic

Looking past the distraction of releasing terrorists from Guantanamo, there seems to be another reason for Obama wanting to close it down.

The Guantanamo Naval Station is an important asset connected to the defense of the United States and helps America keep an eye on the communist government of Cuba which aligned itself with Russia during the 1960s which then imported nuclear weapons into Cuba.

Those who do not recall the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s need to read: The Cuban Missile Crisis and Threat of Nuclear War

The Guantanamo Naval Station is a strategic outpost on a landmass ninety miles from our shores. What ought to be discussed is, what does Obama intend to do with this asset if he succeeds in releasing the terrorists which are now housed there.

Considering Obama’s love affair with the terrorist government of Iran, and his various policies which have emboldened our enemies and weaken the United States, and his latest love affair with the communist government of Cuba, should he not be asked what he proposes to do with America’s naval station in Cuba if he succeeds in releasing the remaining terrorist combatants who are held there?


When will the America People realize we have an Islamic cell operating out of our nation’s White House? Will they come to this conclusion when Islamic terrorist activities begin in our southern Border States or cities like New York City?