Facts Be Damned!… Media Begins Its Campaign to Reelect Failed President Barack Obama

Gateway Pundit

Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. Obama is the first president ever to lose 1,000,000 jobs during a recovery. The housing market just experienced its worst year ever in 2011 during the so-called recovery. Today over 46,000,000 million Americans are on food stamps (another Obama record!) more than ever before and the number is still climbing. (More Obama statistics here)

But facts be damned… And country be damned. The media is ready to mislead Americans in order to get Barack Obama reelected.

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Obama Is First President to Lose One Million Jobs In a Recovery

Gateway Pundit


It’s an Obama world.  Its an Obama recovery.

Another record! Barack Obama is the first president to lose one million jobs in a recovery. Investors reported:

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Obama Recovery Is WORST EVER Since Great Depression

Human Events

Worst. President. Ever.

A new report shows that real GDP has risen 0.8% over the 13 quarters since the recession began, compared to an average increase of 9.9% in past recoveries.

(Trading Economics)

Team Obama promised that US GDP growth would be 4.0% in 2011.  The Fed announced last week that they see GDP at 2.7% to 2.9% this year.

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The Worst Recovery on Record

Fox News

For the last couple of years, President Obama keeps claiming that the recession was the “worst economy since the Great Depression.” But this is not correct. This is the worst “recovery” since the Great Depression. Why? Because the unemployment rate has remained at least at 9.5 percent for 14 months.

Astoundingly, the unemployment rate during the 15 months of “recovery” averages over three full percentage points higher than the average unemployment rate during the recession. There is no comparable “recovery” on record since the Great Depression

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