Ten Questions for People that Oppose the Travel Ban


image via beforeitsnews.com


Family Security Matters



President Trump’s reintroduction of the so-called “travel ban” – a watered-down version of an already milquetoast version of a well-known campaign pledge – has nevertheless provoked the only thing worse than widespread hysteria: widespread hysteria pretending to be surprised.

Par for the course, the neosectarian regressive Left has successfully employed its twin holy grails – the race card and identity-politics – with an emotional appeal to, and romanticization of, the proverbial “immigrant experience.”

America is importing tens of thousands of people from the deadliest half-dozen conflicts in the Middle East.  To think that a three-month pause is rational – maybe even obvious – has quickly been framed as bigoted and inhumane.  Rather than explain the historically baseless nature of these crocodile tears, I cannot help but think that finding common ground, preferably by way of common sense, would be a more worthwhile pursuit.

Therefore, before attacking the moral integrity and character of others like a social justice David Miscavige, perhaps more level-headed criticism of Trump’s ban should begin by providing logically-deduced answers to the following questions.

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