A Judge Rules Against Prayer, But Not Against An Imposter

Canada Free Press

How unGodly our country becomes with each passing day.  The ranks of those with the absence of God in them are growing larger and stronger in our population and concernedly in our judiciary.

How easy it must be for a U. S. District Judge to play the role of God and strike down any references to the real God.  But it must leave a bit of nagging doubt in their minds, even if they are of no special faith persuasion.  Any sane and reasonably intelligent person HAS to have some tinges of ‘is it’ or ‘isn’t it’ etched in their minds.

To a heartless and uncaring atheist who loves no one beyond him or herself it is probably easy and unfettering to their minds to blaspheme or outright deny any reference to anything higher in spiritual plane than themselves.

A higher authority will censure those non-feelers at an appropriate time.  But right now I would like to ask one U. S. District Judge Barbara Crabb why it is so simple to rule against a beautiful and absolutely harmless Day of Prayer that demands no special allegiance or actions save what is in one’s heart; a day that if left untouched and allowed to continue that would bring only goodness and love to all who participate.

I am sure that Madam Crabb would answer that the participants in the lawsuit brought by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Madison-based group of atheists and agnostics, felt offended and damaged or some such rot.  I never will understand why such creatures have to lie to stop something that gives great pleasure to many others and at no cost or loss to the self-minded offendees.

This country was founded by Christians and peopled by good and caring Christians who opened their hearts and allowed others from all over the world of all faiths to come and live in the freedom and love as did they; only to have ingratitude and selfishness spring up from the newcomers.  And mostly, the ungraciousness of such people who were welcomed into the folds of Christians without question or rules, is now their unfounded hammer and nails of hate.

Judge Crabb says the day violates the separation of church and state.  HOW?  To me, the day brings together all those of faith for a moment to reflect and bathe in the goodness of that faith that keeps sanity among peoples of different faiths instead of bloodshed and battle.  No harm is done to anyone.  Our Constitution radiates with its goodness.

But if it is so simple for a jurist to so easily rule that a day of prayer that infringes on no one and harms no one is ANY kind of violation, why is it so hard for that same jurist or any of his or her peers to also follow the dictates of our Constitution and rule against a person who secretly and knowingly defrauded said Constitution by hiding his true identity and illegally filed an application for the Office of the Presidency?

That person who now holds that office is doing harm with each official action he takes in the guise of being legitimately qualified to hold office even though he violates one main requisite; that of being a natural born citizen.

Judge Crabb, I call on you to exercise your duty as a sworn defender of our Constitution to rule as firmly as you did in this case against a Day of Prayer, that the usurper in the Office of the President is also unconstitutional.

Do you have that kind of iron in your own constitution Judge?