Obama After Digging Dirt In Fake “Tree Planting” Photo-Op In China: “Success!”…

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He sounds more like a kindergartner than the President of the United States.

Via Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama and 20 other world leaders participated in a tree-planting ceremony near Beijing on Tuesday, but the trees had already been planted by the Chinese government.

The fake photo-op came after a session of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

‘‎When the plenary was done, the leaders took part in a tree planting near the conference center,’ a White House pool reporter wrote while Washington slept 13 time zones away.

‘Actually, the evergreens were already planted when they got there – one tree for each country in APEC, each with a little pile of dirt and a shovel next to it.’

The result was ‘a little future forest of eight-foot evergreens along a path of astro-turf.’

Photos show the president smirking as he grips a shovel and plunges it into a symbolic pile of dirt.

Russia’s president, by contrast, swaggered to his tree,’ according to the pool report.

And Obama ‘walked up with his hands clasped behind his back.’

After the tree ‘planting,’ Obama was heard telling a fellow head of state: ‘Success!’

The laid-back president took a moment to banter with a Spanish-language camera crew who called for his attention.

‘Hey, hombre!’ he shouted with a wave.

Obama’s Executive Disarmament Confirms that the Tea Party Can Not Go Away

American Thinker

Obama  brings kids to the White House as props for photo-op and as an emotional appeal  to unveil his illegal gun control plans.   Obama despicably using kids to undermine the Second Amendment via  executive order is a perfect example of why the  Tea Party cannot go away.


Due  to extensive media coverage of Obama’s Disarmament Show, low-info voters will  cry hearing stories of how guns make kids fearful and give Obama carte blanche,  regardless of the Constitution.  Predicting from their pattern of spineless  behavior, Republicans will probably simply go along with Obama’s illegal  dictates.  So who will stand and be the voice of our Founding Fathers and  We The People?  Answer: the Tea Party.

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Another amazing Obama photo

American Thinker

Our genius president has done it again. In a group photo of national leaders at the Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations, President Ego decided to wave at the camera, blocking the face of the man standing next to him, so it is not possible to identify him.

American Thinker

Ordinarily, I would suspect this is a photshopped image. But it comes to us via Obamaphillic MSNBC, and is credited to Allan Tannenbaum-Pool / Getty Images. Because it is copyrighted, we can’t show you the entire photo, only a thumbnail, so click on over to MSNBC here, and see for yourself.

If George W. Bush had done this, it would be on the front page of the New York Times, and every broadcast network news show.

More Obama photo merriment:

American Thinker

American Thinker

Hat tip: Hot Air


The great Zombie at the PJM Tatler verified that the picture exists on the Getty Images website, and is not a hoax, even though to his eye, it looks fake. He also identifies the humiliated foreign leader as Tsakhia Elbegdorj of Mongolia.


Barack Obama, winning friends for America.


Why Democrats Won’t Run on Jobs Record in November Election

Flopping Aces

Photo op is a reminder that despite continued efforts to point the finger at Republicans, Obama and the Dems are the real job killers!


A picture of Obama’s failed economic policy!

On Monday, Obama trotted out three chronically unemployed persons for yet another political sham show attacking Republicans for their reluctance to extend unemployment benefits past the current 99 weeks unless it is paid for out of the billions of wasteful stimulus spending which hasn’t created jobs. The Republican demand is nothing more than what Obama and the Democrats proclaimed as sound fiscal policy when the benefits were extended last November.

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