America… Paying for Our Own Brainwashing

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And now you know why the government repealed the ‘Domestic Propaganda’ ban. Welcome to Health & Human Services TV:

The Health and Human Services Television Network, HHS-TV, is a new and unique, commercial-free source for health and emergency preparedness information. From the world’s leading experts, HHS-TV is the place to turn for high-quality medical, health and wellness programming. And, when necessary, HHS-TV will be there for you and your family with accurate and up-to-date emergency information. Available at no additional cost to DISH Network customers. May require additional dish antenna to view this programming. Additional fees may apply.

Seriously? Must see TV for Obamacare. I’d rather be drawn and quartered. Bet it rivals FEMA if something ever breaks – no, scratch that… Obamacare’s web site doesn’t even work after 634 million in American money flushed down it’s hole and another 400 million on the way — it still won’t work; it was never meant to. If there ever is a pandemic, may I recommend we help each other because turning to the government would not only be pointless, but would probably bring death on much more quickly.

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