Targeting the IRS

American Thinker

What should conservatives do next about the Orwellian intimidation of political opponents using the IRS? Here is a partial action plan.

Lawyers for targeted tea party groups are hurling marshmallows at one of the most shocking abuses of power in our nation’s entire history. Conservative groups and their lawyers are only stating the obvious in bland, vanilla talking points.

What we are missing with many Obama scandals is a Larry Klayman, the former head of Judicial Watch. How is it that other lawyers have learned nothing from Klayman’s example of prying stunning revelation after revelation out of the Clinton Administration? They only have to copy Klayman’s game plan. Klayman was so powerful that “The West Wing” series created a character based on him. Whereas James O’Keefe has inspired an army of imitators in video exposés, there is still only one overworked Larry Klayman. A “lawsuit” is not a dress which a made-for-TV lawyer buys at Nordstrom’s before going before the cameras.

The rampant corruption of the Obama Administration over the IRS scandal for targeting conservatives for their political beliefs is there to be exploited. Richard Nixon’s use of the IRS to target political enemies was one of the Articles of Impeachment drawn up to prosecute Nixon before the U.S. Congress. Faced with those and other charges, Nixon resigned instead of trying to defend his actions. How could we possibly fail today?

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