Rep. Thomas Massie: Missile Strikes Against Syria are “An Act of War” & Only Congress Can Declare War, Not Obama

Freedom Outpost

The war drums are pounding and President Barack Obama is each day closer to taking  military action against the Syrian government.  There are major questions  about why the U.S. would become involved in Syria, and whether or not the claim  that the Assad regime used chemical weapons on citizens living in a Damascus  suburb are based in fact.  Administration officials say that military  action against Syria would be done “not to create a regime change,” but some  members of Congress aren’t buying it.

“If it’s not an effort to exact regime change then what is it?” asks  Republican Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie.  “Is it just retaliation?  Is  it bullying? Is it showing everybody in the world that we have missiles, and  we  can fire them into your country because we don’t like what we see?”

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