Calling it Treason

American Thinker

We  stand on the brink of an illegal exercise of military power in a part of the world we have no need to be in, except that  we have a president who purposefully keeps us there by suppressing our own  development of energy resources and embroiling us in their internecine warfare.  We could have walked away from the Middle East already and left them to their  own savagery, but the president insists that we remain inextricably tied to  their historical need to kill each other so that we can overpay for oil, both  monetarily and with American lives. Thus, as technology enables us to break free  of dependence upon Middle East oil, our president bends over backwards to ensure  that never happens. What sort of leader purposefully compels his country and its  people to participate in practices and policies that are detrimental to their  safety and survival?

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