Papering Barry

Canada Free Press

Note to Obamabots: JB Williams is a full-blooded American. In point of fact, you can file him under genus: American Patriot.

When Google News ran JB’s DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office on its front page yesterday, Canada Free Press (CFP) was hit by 20,000 visitors within the first five minutes.

Hundreds of letters started pouring in using the Obamabot’s favourite one line message: “Idiot!”  Being familiar with the term it was the only word they spelled correctly.

For anyone who may have been thinking that the Obamabots returned to the local pool halls after the election of their Messiah, Google proves that they are alive and seething.

Many letters accused JB of being a “dirty Canuck”.  Interesting how they bandy the word “racist” about, but feel it’s okay to smear those they disagree with as a “dirty Canuck”.

“Don’t come here, Canada, you’re not welcome!” was the theme of their collective message.

JB, of course, is American and has the birth certificate to prove it.  It is CFP who is the “dirty “Canuck”.

Reading all of the letters from these courageous Obamabots, like their master hiding their identities, in this case behind GMail, hotmail and Yahoo accounts,  made me stop and think about the Big O’s missing education records.

You see, it’s not the controversy of his BC that troubles me, it’s that all of the straw man’s papers are locked away from public view.

Knowing he wasn’t born in a manger is about all we know for sure about the president of the most powerful nation on earth.

For all we know,  little Barry Soetoro may have failed kindergarten.

Since Obama’s arrival to the Oval Office, documents don’t seem to matter anymore.  Plebes (unless illegal aliens) have to show their driver’s license when stopped by police.  No one but terrorists fly anywhere without a valid passport.  Countless Americans are now further identified by being put on a variety of government lists that track dissenters as though dissent is now an indictable crime.

Would you let a stranger enter your door?  You (Obamabots) let one into your White House!

We seem to be moving into a world where documents don’t matter. The pretend world of Hollywood and Reality TV have become reality.

Did the brief stint Obama performed as an interpreter for the CIA in Afghanistan decades later enable him to a brand new identity in the Witness Protection Program ripoff of all time?

Back in that era it was the Ahmad Masoud-led Northern Alliance and not the Taliban who put the run to the most dreaded army on earth, the Red Russian Army.  The Taliban back then were the warlords.  It would be a stretch to think that Barry Soetoro would get to do active duty with the courageous Northern Alliance.  Who, then, was he fighting for?  Is it a Freudian slip that Soetoro-cum-Obama pronounces “Taliban as “Tal-ee-ban”?

With the CIA in there, we’ll never really know.

But one thing we do know is that once we start accepting the missing identity of the President of the United States of America, how long is it before we let through charlatans in medicine and the military?

With no onus on proof, anybody can be anybody they want to be.

If I were going to recreate my identify, I’d try for Einstein.  How about you?

Perhaps the Obamabots and FoxNews, which goes so far to promote the smearing those still asking the questions about who Obama really is,  should be rebranding them as “Documentarists” rather than “Birthers”.

Getting rid of documents is a convenient agenda in the first-the-pond-tomorrow-the-word Power Game.

Only in America can a man who doesn’t exist grow up to be President.

Meanwhile, the latest attack of the Obamabots on the incomparable JB Williams and CFP only gave us more traffic.

Thanks, guys!