Obama Collaborates with Iran on Production and Sale of Nuclear Material


The Wall Street Journal has a killer exposé out this morning but no one will care that the traitor in the White House is buying Iran’s nuke material.

Iran has been overstocking heavy water that is used to produce weapons-grade plutonium and which is required under the nuclear deal the Ayatollah never signed or agreed to.

They pulled back but are now facing an over supply again so the president will use tax dollars to buy the over supply from them. It doesn’t get much crazier than this but this is the administration that acted as Iran’s lawyers and advocates against the EU.

It’s not the only reason.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is buying from Iran a strategic substance that the United States itself can’t produce – we stopped making it. DOE has struck a deal to purchase 32 tons of heavy water—water containing the hydrogen isotope deuterium—from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. The deal is for $8.6 million tax dollars.

Don’t worry. It’s for science.

Iranian ICBM

Iranian ICBM

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