Congress Must Investigate NPR, Ploughshares and National Security Fraud

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Nearly a year has passed since the Obama administration finished negotiating its so-called “nuclear deal” with Iran. In recent weeks, we have learned that the administration deliberately lied to us about the nature and implications of this terrible agreement.

What has now become clear is that a taxpayer-funded media organization helped in this effort to propagandize and mislead the American people. As the Algemeiner newspaper reported recently, even National Public Radio’s own in-house monitor, Ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen, has acknowledged that the network took $700,000 from one of the Iran deal’s most aggressive promoters: the Ploughshares Fund. And NPR gave what amounted to overwhelmingly preferential on-air treatment to Ploughshares-associated advocates for the accord.

Congress must investigate the role played by the Obama administration, by taxpayer-subsidized public radio and by a tax-exempt charity to disinform us and perpetrate national security fraud.

Obama’s Enemies List


Family Security Matters

In President Barack Obama’s  nuclear deal with Iran Wednesday, he said there are only two types of people who will oppose his deal – Republican partisans and Israel- firsters – that is, traitors.

At American University, Obama castigated Republican lawmakers as the moral equivalent of Iranian jihadists saying, “Those [Iranian] hard-liners chanting ‘Death to America’ who have been most opposed to the deal… are making common cause with the Republican Caucus.”

He then turned his attention to Israel.

Obama explained that whether or not you believe the deal endangers Israel boils down to whom you trust more – him or Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And, he explained, he can be trusted to protect Israel better than Netanyahu can because “[I] have been a stalwart friend of Israel throughout my career.”

The truth is that it shouldn’t much matter to US lawmakers whether Obama or Netanyahu has it right about Israel. Israel isn’t a party to the deal and isn’t bound by it. If Israel decides it needs to act on its own, it will.

The US, on the other side, will be bound by the deal if Congress fails to kill it next month.

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