What if the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Had Offices in New York?

The Jawa Report

Oh wait, they do.

Name: hcarmy.net
OrgName: Galaxyvisions Inc
OrgId: GALAX-6
Address: 882 3rd avenue 8th floor
City: Brooklyn
StateProv: NY

I believe that’s against several federal laws.

Hezbollah cells: Who are the basijis and IRGC?

By Lee Kaplan, Analyst,  Communications Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

The average American knows very little about Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist proxy that appears on the evening news as operating mainly in Lebanon as a threat to Israel’s northern border. One of the purposes of this article is to explain in laymen’s terms what Hezbollah is and about its presence here in the US in what could be called “sleeper cells” that are poised to assist the Iranian regime that the US government is confronting over Iran’s nuclear and missile program. Another key purpose of this article will be to point out a Hezbollah cell operating under our noses right here in San Jose, California, heretofore unknown to the general population.

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New advice for nuclear strike – Hide

Suppose the unthinkable happened, and terrorists struck New York or another big city with an atom bomb. What should people there do? The government has a surprising new message: Do not flee. Get inside any stable building and don’t come out till officials say it’s safe.

The advice is based on recent scientific analyses showing that a nuclear attack is much more survivable if you immediately shield yourself from the lethal radiation that follows a blast, a simple tactic seen as saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Even staying in a car, the studies show, would reduce casualties by more than 50 percent; hunkering down in a basement would be better by far.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/12/16/new-advice-for-nuclear-strike-don%e2%80%99t-flee-get-inside/#ixzz18IbreaGH

FDNY Set To Institute ‘Crash Tax’

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — The cost of driving in New York City is about to get more costly. That is, if you need medical attention after an accident.

In a time of tight budget times, the city is looking for new ways to recoup costs.

And drivers needing help from the FDNY will be the targets.

Getting hurt in a car accident is painful enough, but if firefighters have to respond, expect more pain — in your wallet.

Starting next summer, the city plans to bill drivers in accidents that require an emergency response.

The so-called “crash tax” works like this: A car fire or accident with injury would cost you $490. A car fire without injury, $415. And any vehicle accident without injury will run you $365.

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Police find C4 explosives in lower Manhattan cemetery

Several blocks of deadly C-4 explosive were found Monday morning in an East Village cemetery, police sources said.

There were no blasting caps found with the bricks, meaning there was no way to detonate the explosive.

“But it’s still C-4, so it’s being taken very seriously,” a police source said.

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Times Sq. bomber sentenced, warns of more attacks

The Pakistani immigrant who tried to detonate a car bomb on a busy Saturday night in Times Square accepted a life sentence with a smirk Tuesday and warned that Americans can expect more bloodshed at the hands of Muslims.

“Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun,” 31-year-old Faisal Shahzad told a federal judge. “Consider me the first droplet of the blood that will follow.”

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Who are you calling extreme, Dems?

Red State

Incumbent Democrats are desperate — increasingly aware the public’s taste for their brand of change has waned. Some, in generally conservative districts and states, are reaching for the mantle of the moderate; others, like those in reliably Democratic areas, have not yet begun backsliding on the president on the issues of health care reform and spending.

But all — no matter how comfortable their lead in polls and campaign funds — have gone to great lengths to portray their GOP challengers as wildly out of the mainstream: We’re bad, but they’re downright crazy.

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The Sharia Law Victory Mosque Must Go


I’m getting pretty peeved by likes of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Time Magazine, the mainstream media and every other liberal jerk out there claiming the 70% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque are a bunch of ignorant bigots.

They speak to Americans as though we were children and are unable comprehend the difference between the freedom of religion and a $100 million stick in the eye when we see one.

They may be able to lawyer their way around the facts, but most don’t need an Ivy League education to figure out that it’s not mosques in general that Americans have a problem with, but rather a 15-story 9/11 victory monument intended to promote Sharia law that has people up in arms.

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The Mosque Is About Submission Not Tolerance


The Muslim sponsors of the 11-story, $100 million Cordoba House, to be built just blocks from ground zero, claim it will serve as a bridge between Islam and the West.  But its construction is inciting a level of anger that can only serve to mute potential dialog and, most sense that its location is really meant as provocation and humiliation. On one side of the issue, supporting the mosque, are Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and Hamas.  On the other side, are 70% of the American people.

In a pitiful lament, a few weeks ago Bloomberg was nearly brought to tears, his voice cracking as he laid out every politically correct liberal justification for allowing a mosque to be built near ground zero.  Yet Bloomberg’s whining voice never waivers each September 11, when he joins in our new, somber national ritual to recite the names of the victims who perished when the Twin Towers collapsed at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

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