What’s Really “Unprecedented” in Obama-Soetoro’s America

Floyd Reports

For two-and-a-half years, the neo-fascist Democrats, led by Harry Reid, D-NV, and Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, willfully refused to submit a budget, despite controlling a large majority in both houses of Congress and the presidency. The government has thus been forced to operate on continuing resolutions, allowing them to play brinksmanship games over and over. And each time, they and their Ministry of Propaganda (the “mainstream” media) pour out a torrent of hysterical lies about how the Republicans are out to brutally kill old people, torture autistic children, starve the working poor, cut off medical care for the seriously ill, and any other far-fetched, hateful, rabble-rousing charge they can dream up.

In the meantime, they used their majority to increase the deficit to 400 percent what it was in the last year of the Bush presidency. Although they and the Propaganda Ministry demand that this insane spending be done without debate, without amendment, and without even reading the blatantly unconstitutional spending bills, they are still trying to blame it all on Republicans.

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