A Surveillance State for Cops

police camera surveillance

Family Security Matters

The dreaded so-called “surveillance state” was held in contempt by many in the media until President Obama announced that he would extend it to police officers. All of a sudden, the idea of the National Security Agency (NSA) targeting the thin blue line between the public and the criminals became a great, “progressive” idea.

Obama euphemistically calls it the “Body Worn Camera Partnership Program [1],” and insists it will “help strengthen accountability and transparency.”

Perhaps these body-worn cameras ought to be used by high-level government officials, in order to sniff out corruption such as the location of missing IRS emails.

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Declassified Documents Reveal Government Spying on Patriots as a Threat

Freedom Outpost

Declassified  documents provided by the Obama administration dictate how the National  Security Agency (NSA) has been given the green light by the Foreign  Intelligence  Surveillance Court (FISC) to monitor Americans – dating back to  the Bush  administration.

Much of the information has been redacted, yet there is still a clear path of  how the Bush administration created surveillance programs without judicial  oversight which conducted operations outside of legal authority.

Suspects of terrorism had their entire lives under surveillance.


James  Clapper, director of National Intelligence (NI) explained that Obama told him  to  “make public as much information as possible about certain sensitive  programs  while being mindful of the need to protect sensitive classified  intelligence  activities and national security.”

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