Beware the Tunneling Jihadist Threat

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The discovery of yet-another covert tunnel linking Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California calls to mind the plot of a forthcoming novel by Dan Gordon. In Day of the Dead, Book Two: America, he warns that something worse than drugs might be smuggled into this country via such underground arteries.

Gordon chillingly describes what could happen if the narco-traffickers known to be collaborating with jihadist operatives south of our border were to permit heavily armed terrorists to use one or more of their tunnels to attack the concentration of U.S. naval assets in San Diego.

Dan Gordon’s is less a fictitious warning than an ominous prediction. The newest, half-mile-long tunnel demands a redoubled effort by both Mexican and U.S. authorities to detect and destroy such threats – before the narcos and the jihadists use them against us, with potentially devastating effect.