The Islamic Supremacists’ Milestone in London

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Voters in London just made a Muslim their mayor. Some describe the election of the Labor candidate, Sadiq Khan, over the Conservative’s Zac Goldsmith, to be a milestone in the evolution of Great Britain’s increasingly multicultural society. And, indeed, it is.

Interestingly, Milestones is the title of a book by one of the most influential leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb. It describes how Islamic supremacists must pursue a phased approach to dominating unbelieving infidels. That goal is advanced by electoral majorities arising from migration of the faithful to non-Muslim lands.

Goldsmith unsuccessfully warned of Khan’s ties to such Islamists. His loss brought denunciations from his own party for undermining its efforts to “build bridges” to Muslims. But Qutb declared such “bridges” could only be built for the purpose of bringing infidels to Islam.