Monica Crowley Will Help Trump Bring Back ‘Morning in America’

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Under Barack Obama, arguably the most influential – and insidious – White House official has been a frustrated novelist named Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Advisor responsible for strategic communications.

In an appalling profile in the New York Times last May, Rhodes actually acknowledged using his post to manipulate the “27-year-old know-nothings” in today’s media. With the help of this so-called “echo chamber,” he admitted to misleading the American people and their elected representatives about things like the disastrous Obamabomb deal with Iran.

In the starkest of contrasts, Donald Trump has tapped my friend, Dr. Monica Crowley, to replace Rhodes at the NSC. She is not only one of the best communicators in America today. Her extraordinary intellect and personal integrity have made her for years among the most respected and trusted patriots in public life.

Feels like “Morning in America,” again.