The Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering scheme

American Thinker

When you put together all the revelations about the Clinton Foundation and its affiliates that have cascaded our way (and continue to arrive), one explanation makes sense.  It was a money-laundering scheme designed to obtain and camouflage foreign money paid to the Clintons to curry favor, including favorable treatment by Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Sean David of The Federalist makes the case:

The scheme works like this: collect millions of dollars in foreign money, dump it into a foreign charity, pretend that the law prohibits you from ever disclosing the identities of those foreign donors to the foreign charity, then have the foreign charity bundle all the cash and send it to the Clinton Foundation. Then, when the time comes–whether it be a Clinton Foundation conference or a lavish Clinton Foundation trip overseas–make sure those individuals get some me-time with the Clintons.

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30 U.S. car buyers named in money laundering scheme that sent $300 million to Hizballah

Jihad Watch

Even in Tulsa. “Terrorism investigation in Tulsa,” from Fox23,

A Tulsa auto business is among companies named in a federal complaint that accuses 30 U.S. car buyers of being in league with a money laundering operation that pumped more than $300 million into the financial system to benefit the militant group Hezbollah.

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