The IRS Missing Email Scandal – Brazen Obstruction of Justice
Hat Tip: BB


In what can only be seen as a brazen, arrogant defiance of the law, the IRS not only claims the dog ate their emails, they’re not sorry to boot and screw America for even doubting the all-powerful, jack-booted enforcement arm of the Obama regime.

Some of the lamest lies I have ever heard in my entire life are coming from the forked tongues of Lois Lerner and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. As angry as I am at Paul Ryan over illegal immigration and Obamacare, he hit it out of the park when he declared that no one believes the crap issuing from the IRS:

“This is unbelievable,” Ryan began. “I am sitting here listening to this testimony… I just, I don’t believe it. That’s your problem, nobody believes you.”

His take down of Koskinen was epic and a must see:

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