Why is the media ignoring the fact there were OTHER killers beside racist Micah X Johnson?!

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This is not the first time the media has ignored the facts. Recently in the San Bernardino shooting, witness reported seeing a third shooter, during a press conference,  police stated they were still looking for the third shooter after the other two were killed.

Witnesses from the Oklahoma City bombing back in 1995 reported seeing a third person but the FBI and the DOJ  both said there was only two. For some time now I have stated to watch the other hand, a corrupt government always has an ace up their sleeve. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

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Hey, just wanna put this out there: the media is focused so much on this MX Johnson, but let’s not forget he DID NOT ACT ALONE, despite his claims that he did.

Remember that video from up above, shot on a phone, where the cop is shot a point blank range?

There was more than one shooter, but the media seems to have gone silent on that.