NYC Mayor Bloomberg Calls 60% in US and 9-11 Families Un-American, Again

Scared Monkeys

Why is it that every one has to be tolerant except Liberals and Muslims?

How many times will NYC Mayor call 60% of Americans, including families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 UN-AMERICAN? There are probably more NY’ers than not who wish Bloombergwas “un”employed these days. Simply amazing that these LEFTist tool politicians call others Un-American when they are just expressing their First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech. I guess we can now understand why Leftists like Bloomberg are in lockstep with the ridged, without compassion, unbending and unrelenting planners of the Ground Zero mosque, they have all too much in common. But Bloomberg says, the hell with the people and what they say … build it no matter what. What tolerance and compassion for the families and victims of 9-11.

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The Mosque Is About Submission Not Tolerance


The Muslim sponsors of the 11-story, $100 million Cordoba House, to be built just blocks from ground zero, claim it will serve as a bridge between Islam and the West.  But its construction is inciting a level of anger that can only serve to mute potential dialog and, most sense that its location is really meant as provocation and humiliation. On one side of the issue, supporting the mosque, are Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and Hamas.  On the other side, are 70% of the American people.

In a pitiful lament, a few weeks ago Bloomberg was nearly brought to tears, his voice cracking as he laid out every politically correct liberal justification for allowing a mosque to be built near ground zero.  Yet Bloomberg’s whining voice never waivers each September 11, when he joins in our new, somber national ritual to recite the names of the victims who perished when the Twin Towers collapsed at the hands of Islamic terrorists.

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The Democrats’ Disaster: More Americans Question Barack Obama’s Birth Story Than Support the Ground Zero Mosque

Red State

UPDATE: I’ve looked at more numbers. Consider this: the percentage of people who think 9/11 was an inside job is equal to the percentage of people who think the Ground Zero mosque is a good idea.

“Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a man whose first reaction to the Time Square bombing plot was to blame people upset about Obamacare passing, has ceded being the face of that fringe to Barack Obama.”

There is no great split in the United States of America on the issue of the Ground Zero Mosque. Sixty-eight percent of Americans oppose it.

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The Ground Zero Mosque – What Have We Not Been Told?

Family Security Matters
In a Family Security Matters Editorial on Sunday, it was suggested that President Obama’s apparent support of the Ground Zero Mosque, followed less than 24 hours by presidential back-pedaling, was creating a crisis of leadership. The apparent pandering to a project which has never gained widespread public support was predestined to create problems. Michael Bloomberg, New York’s liberal mayor, had attempted on August 3 to invoke the Founding Fathers and to cite instances from a century before, during the time of Peter Stuyvesant, to impress upon New Yorkers that religious tolerance was the hallmark of the Big Apple. By extension, Bloomberg appeared to reason, New York’s citizens should all rally to support the Ground Zero mosque and thereby defend religious liberty. A Mairist poll from August 10th had shown that Bloomberg’s former popularity had sunk dramatically since April, coinciding with his support for the mosque. A CNN poll from August 11 had shown that almost 70 percent of the American public opposed the Ground Zero Mosque.
In an act of extreme hubris, against the groundswell of political opinion, and ignoring the lessons that could have been learned from Mayor Bloomberg’s dip in popularity, the president and his speech writer pressed on regardless.

The Mosque On American Sacred Ground

Family Security Matters

September 11 lives for downtown residents of New York. The World Trade Center site is a constant reminder of human malevolence. It also speaks to political incompetence, of politicians compromised by double dealing and arrogance.

While the site shows signs of rebirth and a tribute will be built to remind Americans of the 2800 innocent people who lost their lives one crystal clear morning in September, an insult deep and penetrating is being launched two blocks away on Park Place with the building of a mosque that will overlook the World Trade Center site.

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