So, Maxine Waters is now Running Silent?

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After her last little press conference trying to undo her political rhetoric in a really feeble attempt, it would seem Maxine Waters is running silent now.

Senator Chuck Schumer came out with a huge critical response to Maxine and rightly so. Then Nancy Pelosi issued a comment as well, although it was much more thin on substance.

But inbetween all of this, two interesting things happened.

  1. Judicial Watch came out with a hand delivered letter to the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the House Office of Congressional Ethics demanding that Waters be investigated and disciplined for her violation of House rules.
  2. Congressman Andy Biggs, R-AZ introduced a measure calling for Waters to apologize and to resign her position.

What we have going on is building chaos that cannot be denied. The Department of Homeland Security issued an internal memo advising agency employees to take all measures for increased individual security and to be prudent in all work and life activities.

Meanwhile, this rhetoric, the protests and confrontations are only growing and far beyond that of government employees.

Check out Chicago as a bar called Replay Lincoln Park has refused to allow or serve customers wearing MAGA hats, stating it wants to keep the establishment classy.

There are some interesting, but nasty tactics being used across the country. But this tells a bigger story. You see, protestors in D.C. are virtually stalking administration personnel and surrounding their homes. How about this wanted poster being handed out and taped to walls and elevators?

So meanwhile, check out the plans for example in New Jersey set for June 30.

“On June 30, politicians across the country will hear the outrage of the American people towards these policies,” said Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn Civic Action, one of the groups organizing the protests.

More than 400,000 people have RSVPed on social media that they plan to attend the events around the country, organizers said.

Other groups participating in the rallies and protests include American Civil Liberties Union, Greenpeace, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Education Association, YWCA and the Women’s March organization, which held a similar large national march and sister rallies around the country in January.

The Washington, D.C., rally will be held at 11 a.m. at Lafayette Square near the White House. Some New Jersey activists are organizing buses to attend the event.

Then it seems breastfeeding moms have been invited to be a part of the anti-Trump immigration policy.

Supreme Court decision, 5-4 on the Trump third version of the travel suspension has been handed down… expect more protests. The Supreme Court decision is here. Of note: “[T]he government has set forth a sufficient national security justification to survive rational basis review. We express no view on the soundness of the policy. We simply hold today that plaintiffs have not demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits of their constitutional claim,” Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority.

Roberts also dismissed arguments that the Supreme Court’s Japanese internment rulings had any bearing on the outcome of the lawfulness of the travel ban.

“Whatever rhetorical advantage the dissent may see in doing so, Korematsu has nothing to do with this case,” Roberts wrote. “The forcible relocation of U.S. citizens to concentration camps, solely and explicitly on the basis of race, is objectively unlawful and outside the scope of Presidential authority. But it is wholly inapt to liken that morally repugnant order to a facially neutral policy denying certain foreign nationals the privilege of admission.”

Days of Rage could still be upon the country. So, where is Maxine now? Has she deferred to Corey Booker or The Open Society Institute or Kamala Harris?

When “D” stands for dementia

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The democrat party is old. Really old. As he headed out the door, Harry Reid remarked that in 2020 the democrat party would be an “old folks home”:

“It depends on who’s running. It appears we’re going to have an old folks’ home. We’ve got [Elizabeth] Warren; she’ll be 71. Biden will be 78. Bernie [Sanders] will be 79.”

Old. Unfortunately, the graying of the democrat party is really starting to become painfully obvious. Dementia is insidious. It creeps up on you surreptitiously. It began showing up a few years ago when democrat Hank Johnson (D) expressed a concern about Guam:


democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) believes she is part American Indian

Nancy Pelosi (D) thinks George Bush is still President

hillary clinton (D) wants to do away with men

And Maxine Waters (D) wants Donald Trump impeached because Vladimir Putin is invading Korea.

Notice that she had trouble with that city in Syria? I’ve heard that Waters thinks Aleppo is one of the Marx Brothers.

A mind is a terrible thing to lose. And to think that this is the future of the democrat party.

Maxine Waters: Americans are Bigots for Opposing Sharia Law

Freedom Outpost

I confess I’ve been called a bigot for lots of things simply because I have a Christian worldview. I’ve been called it by atheists, homosexuals and Islamists, but they always use that because they simply cannot defend their positions, and so, they resort to name calling. It shouldn’t surprise anyone then that socialist Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) spoke at an Islamic Society of Orange County town hall meeting on the issue of the Constitution and Sharia law.

Keep in mind that this town hall meeting took place in 2012, but her words are still relevant today because she and others like her continue to think like this. Also keep in mind that the Islamic Society of Orange County claims to be a “non-political organization.”

“Over the last year, and due to the focus of House Republicans on so-called ‘Muslim radicalization,’ we have seen politicians and pundits attacking the Islamic faith as a security threat to the United States,” she said. “Across the country, these people are exploiting fear and trying to convince state legislatures that the state adoption of Sharia tenants is the strategy extremists are using to transform the United States into an Islamic country.”

Wow! There is far too much in just that one statement that is easily demonstrated to be true. First, as I always point out, there is no “radical Islam,” only Islam. Republicans need to get that right. Second, it wasn’t Republicans who tweeted this out:

No, my friends, that is from a Democrat Islamic imam and former DHS advisor to Barack Hussein Obama, Mohamed Elibiary. Elibiary is championed by those Waters calls “extremists,” yet we know they are simply those that follow the teachings of Islam found in the Qur’an.

As for the strategy of adopting Sharia, well let’s be clear, Sharia is the law in Islam. It applies to Islamists as well as the infidels (at least in the Islamists minds). It is not championed by extremists, but Islamists. In fact, Islam is very optimistic in its view of dominating the world, just as Christians view the power of the gospel to do the same thing. Therefore, they seek to gain ground in every country they dwell in for the sake of Allah. This means a transformation of every country into an Islamic country.

As for the claim of strategy, one need only look to the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood to determine whether this is a strategy or a conspiracy theory. I’ll go with what the Muslim Brotherhood has written concerning this issue. Mrs. Waters is either ignorant (without excuse) or she is complicit. In either case, this woman is not fit to hold office.

She then declared that, at the time, at least thirteen states were looking to adopt legislation forbidding Sharia. What is wrong with that? We have a US Constitution. That’s the law in the US. Each State has a Constitution and as far as I know, not one of them is Sharia compliant. But what happens when states try and push forward this legislation? You guessed it, the Islamists and their socialist and communist friends come out of the woodwork to try and beat it down. Just look at Oklahoma, where the federal government tried to force them to overturn anti-Sharia law and to pay Islamists $303,333!

Black Caucus Receives Marching Orders….Racial Incitement On The Way


Flopping Aces

The professional race hustlers have been working on overdrive for the past few weeks to paint the Tea Party as the enemy and downright racist.

Two weeks ago we hear Maxine Waters, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus say:

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Earthquake News


Obama has just confirmed that the DC
earthquake occurred on a rare and
obscure fault-line, apparently known
as “Bush’s Fault”. Obama also announced
that the Secret Service and
Maxine Waters continues an investigation of the
quake’s suspicious
ties to the Tea Party. Conservatives however have proven
that it was
caused by the founding fathers rolling over in their graves