Obama’s Marxist Social and Demographic Engineering of America


Obama is now making offers to debt-ridden municipalities that they dare not take. It’s like the devil offering you a way out and then collecting on that debt. Or, if you prefer, it’s like the mafia giving you money to solve your problems and then you owe them. Forever. The leaders in these areas won’t ask the residents and voters, they’ll let the silver cross their palms and will be blinded by the shininess of the coin they pocket. Corruption will finish selling free America down the proverbial river. I’ll be blunt… these municipalities should not be taking money from the feds. They should solve their problems at the local level, stand on their own and not be beholding to a governmental behemoth.

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Voting ‘present’ – again

American Thinker
The leader of the free world built his resume in the political spectrum by voting “present” for 129 Illinois Senate votes. His courageous display of self sacrificing toil in representing his constituents in Illinois has obviously carried forward to his handling of the office of the President as well. The people of America are now being treated to the same level of self sacrifice from Obama….NONE!