You Will Rent to Criminals, You Racist!


Independent Sentinel

Disparate impact is the irrational Progressive-Civil Rights idea that only impact should be considered in all things and Obama is unleashing it on housing. Disparate impact is an insidious legal concept that is no friend to Capitalism. This entire effort is a small part of Obama’s re-engineering of neighborhoods throughout the nation.

Legal challenges to disparate impact have found that the concept can be one factor but not the sole factor. Barack Obama, looking at a future leftist Supreme Court is making it the sole factor. He will fine landlords but will the statists move to stealing property as punishment?

The Obama administration is warning landlords that they may be discriminating by not renting or selling homes to criminals. He is making criminals into a protected class because many are minorities. It’s now racism to not rent or sell a home to someone with a criminal record.

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