The Waffle House Shooting You Didn’t Hear About: ‘Good Guy With Gun’ Thwarts Armed Robbery

Guy Benson

Since we’ve been writing about defensive gun uses within the context of the broader debate over gun restrictions lately, this story caught my attention. It also seems particularly relevant in light of the horrible shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House a few days ago, which was interrupted by the heroics of an unarmed man (for whom strangers have now raised more than $170,000). Some on the anti-gun Left decided that it would be a useful argument to highlight the incredible case of James Shaw, Jr. as a means of rebutting the ‘good guy with a gun’ argument from supporters of the Second Amendment. That was an unserious and nonsensical point, but they made it anyway. Which brings us to an incident that occurred at a Waffle House in Louisiana a few days ago — and I’d wager that only a tiny fraction of those familiar with the Tennessee incident have heard about this one:

On Friday two armed men tried to rob a Louisiana Waffle House but were shot by an armed patron. One of the robbers was hospitalized. Nobody else was hurt.

(Excerpt)