Cities Launch Legal Defense Fund for Illegal Aliens

Photo via US Daily Review

Photo via US Daily Review



A few days after the Chicago City Council approved a $1.3 million legal defense fund to help illegal immigrants facing deportation, officials in Los Angeles unveiled their version with more than seven times the money. It appears to be a growing trend of using public funds to protect those who have violated federal law. The offenders are municipalities that have long offered illegal aliens sanctuary and an array of taxpayer-funded benefits.

Last week Chicago officials proudly announced their legal defense fund to help immigrants threatened with deportation. It was created to prepare for President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deport thousands of illegal immigrants. One Chicago alderman admitted he probably has illegal aliens working in his city office. The lawmaker, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, said this in a local news report: “Donald Trump, we are sending you a message, you will not tear apart our families, we will stay together. We will defend and protect our communities.” The money to defend illegal immigrants for violating the nation’s federal statutes will come from Chicago property tax rebate funds.

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Ebola Quarantine Stations Established in El Paso, Los Angeles and 18 Other Cities


DC Clothesline

I have an idea. Let’s bring Ebola here instead of worrying about it coming here unexpectedly. If we are going to put 300 million people in jeopardy it should be our choice to do so rather than having it come as a surprise.

By now you have surely heard that at least one patient is set to arrive for treatment at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I am seeing reports today that it might actually be two patients, and who says they will stop there?

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

Anyone at all?

A few days ago Dave Hodges reported that the CDC is quietly setting up Ebola Quarantine Stations across the U.S. I took a lot of flack for running that article on my website. As usual I was called a conspiracy theorist who was trying to scare people.

Am I trying to scare you?

Yes I am. I have never denied that I try to scare people because something has to be done to awaken people from their stupor. We can scare you with facts just as easily as fantasy because things really are that bad. Not only is Ebola set to arrive voluntarily in the U.S. at any time, now we are starting to see evidence of those stations (he called them “centers”) that Dave was talking about.

A local CBS affiliate in Los Angeles is reporting:

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Los Angeles Hearts Islam: Terror Gets Its Own Month


Free Republic

It’s official…LA IS La-La Land. In a frenzied attempt to prove their “diversity”, the Los Angeles City Council adopted a resolution on Wednesday recognizing the contributions of the Muslim American community and declared July 2014 as Muslim American Heritage Month. Seriously, people…put down the Bong and back away, slowly…

This decision begs the question: Was everyone on the LA City Council conscious during this vote?

Not only has the Islamic community NOT contributed to the United States in any beneficial way, BUT they have not benefited freedom NOR humanity since the inception of Islam in the 7th Century.

A blood-thirsty ideology, started by a tyrannical politician (Muhammed), who…not unlike the world despots today…destroyed all his non-supporters. His devout followers today follow ever-so-carefully in his bloody footsteps. Obedient to the words of the Quran, the Hadiths (sayings of the prophet) and the Sunnah (practices of the prophet)…these religious zealots commit some of the most heinous acts in the world today.

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Hezbollah cells: Who are the basijis and IRGC?

By Lee Kaplan, Analyst,  Communications Director, Northeast Intelligence Network

The average American knows very little about Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist proxy that appears on the evening news as operating mainly in Lebanon as a threat to Israel’s northern border. One of the purposes of this article is to explain in laymen’s terms what Hezbollah is and about its presence here in the US in what could be called “sleeper cells” that are poised to assist the Iranian regime that the US government is confronting over Iran’s nuclear and missile program. Another key purpose of this article will be to point out a Hezbollah cell operating under our noses right here in San Jose, California, heretofore unknown to the general population.

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L.A. Police Chief Assures Illegal Aliens Are Safe In His City

Judicial Watch

As the Los Angeles La Raza movement prepares a mass protest over Arizona’s new immigration control law, the city’s police chief assures illegal immigrants who plan to march that his department’s official policy forbids asking residents for documentation.

In an apparent effort to encourage illegal aliens to join this weekend’s demonstration—expected to draw up to 100,000 people to the downtown area—Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has publicly guaranteed illegal immigrants that they are safe from deportation in his city.

The chief actually went out of his way, according to a local news report, to reassure illegal aliens that a decades-old policy (Special Order 40) preventing officers from asking suspects about immigration status is strictly enforced. The new Arizona law, which allows local police to verify legal status, will not affect the City of Angels, the chief confirmed.

“Because of the ongoing issues in Arizona, I wanted to make something perfectly clear,” Beck said at a press conference this week. “Special Order 40 is the mandate of this department. …That is how I will police this city as long as I am the chief of police.” The chief and his mayor, Chicano activist Antonio Villaraigosa, have denounced Arizona’s measure as “unpatriotic” and “unconstitutional.”

A few years ago Judicial Watch filed a taxpayer lawsuit to end Special Order 40 because it clearly violates federal immigration law, which gives every police officer the discretion to communicate with federal authorities about an individual’s immigration status. An L.A. County court ruled that the lawsuit could not proceed to trial and an appellate court upheld the decision. Judicial Watch has filed a petition for review with the California Supreme Court.

Many police departments across the country—including Chicago, Houston and Phoenix—have similar policies preventing officers from verifying the immigration status of suspects. Arizona’s new law (SB1070) allows local police statewide to enforce immigration laws, makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. without proper documentation and punishes anyone seeking work from a road or sidewalk.