“Lone Wolf” Terrorists are Not “Alone”

Family Security Matters

A “lone wolf” is still as much a predator as it would be in a pack. Its predatory, programmed instincts, behavior and actions are shared with those of a pack. It may be a “lone wolf” because of conflicts between it and the wolf pack. But it is still a wolf.

“Lone wolf” jihadists and terrorists, by the same token, are still Islamic supremacists. They need not be “soldiers” of any particular group, such as Hamas, ISIS, Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, or Al-Qaeda. They need not run with a pack. They need not have had any close or social contact with any of those groups, other than perhaps attending a mosque that preaches violent jihad against the West.

Many “lone wolf” terrorists are converts driven to “prove” their new religious convictions. Their “independence” of action may not even be approved by any of those groups, although their fascination with Islam may be fueled by what a “lone wolf” sees those groups approve of as seen on the Internet and in the MSM in the way of beheadings, dismemberment of victims’ bodies, rapes, and “random” killings. Not to mention the chest-beating claims by terrorists that Islam will rule the world. All this answers an element in a “lone wolf’s” makeup, a malevolent loneliness. He responds. He is not alone.

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Al Qaeda-Linked Site Posts ‘Hit List’ of U.S. Targets, Prompting Feds to Send Alert

Fox News

The Department of Homeland  Security has sent out an internal alert warning that jihadist websites last  week posted a “hit list” of American executives, officials and companies — an  alarming development that could mark the start of a new phase in terror  plots.




Shown here is an image from the Shumukh forum, an Al Qaeda-linked  website.


The list, which covers dozens of names connected to  the Iraq  war, including executives at Halliburton and KBR, was compiled by users who  vowed to “send explosive mail” to the “best target.” The lists were published  online around the same time American-born Al  Qaeda spokesman Adam  Gadahn released a video in which he called on Muslims in the U.S. to kill  Americans.

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