TRUMP 2024 – Liberals Worst Nightmare

Flopping Aces

by Larry Brandes

Trump’s private Boeing 757 airplane is currently in the shop getting a spectacular paint job and some new Rolls-Royce engines. The Democrats are in a panic mode. Trump 1.0 was a blessing for America and all the God-fearing, Bible reading, gun toting patriots spread from sea to shining sea. Trump 2.0 in 2024 will make America great again after the disastrous quasi presidency of Joe Biden and his sidekick snarky Harris.

Can you imagine Trump 2.0? During his first presidency he assumed that both parties and the media would totally support his efforts to make American great. I think that he was genuinely surprised when cowardly, rabid, hyenas from both parties aided and abetted by a hostile media attacked him before he and his lovely wife got off the escalator in Trump Tower. They hated Trump with so much intensity that they poisoned their own soul. Trump made America great again, and it made Democrats sick both mentally and physically. Liberals drank the poison of hate and then hoped that Trump would die from the concoction that they ingested.

Trump 2.0 is the liberals worst nightmare. Rumors of his triumphant return haunts their nightly dreams, makes them sweat profusely and howl at the moon. (Tip from Larry: Conservatives who married a liberal should probably sleep in a different room.) Trump spent four years fighting the swamp creatures, and now he knows each one of those dreadful invertebrates by name. Trump 1.0 surrounded himself with too many spineless advisers who morphed into slimy, repulsive, reptilian cowards who betrayed him and then lied on CNN to make a fast buck. Trump 2.0 won’t make those same mistakes.

Trump 2.0 will spend the first day of his new presidency eliminating the 70+ Executive Orders that Biden signed without reading. He will successfully complete that task before lunch. Then Trump will call the leaders of China, Russia and Iran and tell them, “There’s a new sheriff in town, and he ain’t happy with the way you’ve been treating our allies.” During lunch, Trump will task engineers to complete the southern border wall within 10 days. ICE will return to the border with additional personnel and a new mission to stop illegal immigrants from crossing into America. Trump will immediately strengthen our military forces and ensure that all branches are combat ready. The parasites who infested the military and lectured U.S. Marines on worthless diversity training will be cleaning latrines at Ft. Leavenworth. That’s a fact Jack. Trump will also ensure that the Keystone XL Pipeline is completed as soon as possible and then start spending the billions of porkulus dollars allocated for “improving the infrastructure” on actually improving the infrastructure in our country. Trump 2.0 will also support all the wonderful and brave men and women in law enforcement. He will ensure that those who do the crime will do the time that they actually deserve.

Trump 2.0 is the liberals worst nightmare because he stands for truth, justice and the American way. Americans want the truth. We can handle the truth. We are a proud nation filled with amazing people. We are tired of the lies spread by the Democratic Party and the talking heads oozing propaganda nightly on mainstream media. We desperately need a legitimate leader back in the White House.

If you listen real close you can hear those Rolls-Royce engines warming up. The sight of that magnificent plane doing a flyby over the White House would be a welcome sight to 100 million Americans. That will happen; God willing and the creek don’t rise.