Democrats’ New Devious Plan Can Be Explained in Two Words: Socialist Rathole


Independent Sentinel

Democrats have a new plan to transform the US by supporting the BlackLivesMatter revolutionaries. Their plan and their goal can be summed up in two words: Socialist Rathole. Instead of uniting us, Barack Obama deliberately divides us and his Democrats on the far-left are all in.

Our administration under Obama has fostered ridiculous behavior, emphasizing PC. It’s a divisive tactic used by Alinsky, a person about whom Obama knows a great deal.

The Democrats are joining in with this far-left administration to win at all costs. Politico has a story up today about major donors who are considering funding this insane leftist group BlackLivesMatter.

They will discuss it at the Democracy Alliance major liberal donor club, which runs from Tuesday evening through Saturday morning and is expected to draw rich Democratic leftists, including Tom Steyer and Paul Egerman.

They’re going to buy themselves a revolution because that is what BlackLivesMatter represents. Politico referred to these violent subversive rioters as “scrappier”  and “diverse.”

The Democracy Alliance was created in 2005 by a handful of major donors, including billionaire leftists George Soros and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay to build a permanent infrastructure to advance liberal ideas and causes.

Soros is funding BlackLivesMatter now.

Color of Change and other leftist-led groups are pushing for the funding.

This “movement” is meant to be an insurrection and a revolution to finally bring about our fundamental transformation into a socialist hellhole.

These students who follow the left are misguided and driven by their own prejudices.

As Governor Christie said today, Obama has let “an air of lawlessness settle in the country”.

Is this still America?

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When three universities, a Christian Leader, Disney World, a former Democrat president and the current president and his administration all make negative headlines online in the same day issue, any true American patriot has got to feel betrayed by his fellow countrymen.

It is common knowledge that the far left Socialist i.e. Communist mentality has overcome all common sense in our universities and most colleges.  Their teachings lean from leftist-ism to outright treasonous betrayal of our sworn government and its laws.

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Why The Obama Administration Is So Determined To Start A Race War


The Daily Sheeple

No other Administration in American history has manufactured so many crises and committed so many impeachable crimes as the current one.  The number of governmental wrongdoings and pervasiveness of political scandal are as unprecedented as they are unrivaled.

No other US President has acted in such an autocratic manner, and with such impunity.  President Obama’s ongoing dictatorial conduct has become so consistent that many refer to him as king, and the first monarch of the USA.  To those who have watched him systematically trash the Constitution, tyrant and despot are the more common descriptions.

The entire Executive Branch has become infamous for its predictable lawlessness and chaotic governance, deceptive pronouncements and diplomatic dissembling.  Every thing they do, or don’t do, is mired in political calculation and self-serving machinations.  Continuation of the facade of political correctness appears to be its central organizing principle, as well as the defining characteristic of so many incompetent ‘czars’ and unqualified politicos.

Just how numerous are the scandals and incessant are the improprieties … and the unparalleled transgressions against the Constitution and flagrant violations of federal law?  Here are just a few of the more serious offenses perpetrated by the Obama Administration:

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The IRS-Benghazi Congress

Judicial Watch

In many ways, the results from this week’s elections confirm what you already know as a supporter of Judicial Watch.  Voters are sick and tired of the Obama administration’s lawlessness.  The new Congress has new mandate to clean up Washington and put the Obama administration (and, frankly, itself) back under the rule of law.

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Immigration Expert: Obama is “Aiding and Abetting” Mexican Drug Cartels

Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama continues to exacerbate America’s crisis of illegal immigration with threats of executive action to expand his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to cover additional illegals. The program now allows many illegals to stay and work in the United States and reports indicate that Obama is planning to extend the same privileges to up to an additional eight million illegals now in the country.

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The president has said that he will issue executive orders to deal with the immigration crisis if Congress fails to act on the problem, a possibility that looks increasingly likely, as the House will recess for the remainder of summer in about a week, according to its current schedule.

This is despite the fact that Americans do not want deportations halted–in fact, polls show that a strong majority of Americans prefer just the opposite.

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Will America need a Nuremberg Trial?


Family Security Matters


If Barack Obama is not removed from office before his term expires, it will be a tacit endorsement of permanent political corruption in Washington DC.

Obama, however, is a symptom, not the disease itself, which like early stage cancer has spread largely undetected by the American people.

By combining lawlessness and incompetence, the Obama Administration has set a new standard for executive malfeasance bordering on treason.

It is those very deficiencies, however, that have, as never before, exposed the extent and depth of corruption among our politicians and members of the media.

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The American Political System is About to Implode

Family Security Matters


The Obama Administration is in a death spiral, mortally wounded by its own messianic left-wing ideology, naiveté, incompetence, lawlessness and persistent lying.

Barack Obama aspired to be Jesus by acting like Stalin.

For a change, let’s start being honest about the shameful condition of our political system. If the Constitution and the rule of law had been enforced, instead of the tenets of political correctness, Obama would have already resigned, been impeached or he may not have been elected at all.

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