Coming Soon: The Commercials that Obama Fears

American Thinker

President  Obama knows that every public statement he makes is recorded and lives forever  on the internet.  That is cause for serious worry.  The best campaign  ad to run against Obama is one that uses his own words — and those of the  officials he has empowered — against him.  When it comes to high gasoline prices, this is a target-rich  environment.

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No Answers From Interior Department on Number of Foreign Companies Drilling for Oil and Gas in U.S.

( – A Florida lawmaker wanting to find out how many foreign-owned companies have leases to drill for oil and natural gas in the U.S. was surprised to learn that the federal department issuing leases does not differentiate in its records between companies owned by foreign governments and others.

Republican Rep. David Rivera has been trying to establish the number  of foreign-owned energy companies drilling in the U.S. but has been  unable to get that information from the Interior Department, the agency responsible for granting leases for onshore and offshore oil and gas  operations.

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Federal judge throws out Obama drilling rules


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A judge on Friday threw out Obama
administration rules that sought to slow down expedited environmental review of
oil and gas drilling on federal land.

U.S. District Judge Nancy
ruled in favor of a petroleum industry group, the Western
Energy Alliance
, in its lawsuit against the federal government, including
Interior Secretary Ken

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Judges Reject White House’s Drilling Ban Request

A federal appeals-court panel on Thursday quickly rejected the Obama administration’s bid to keep intact a moratorium on deepwater drilling while it appealed a federal judge’s decision overturning the ban.

The three-judge panel ruled that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar didn’t prove the U.S. would suffer irreparable harm without an immediate ban on exploratory drilling in deep waters.

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Ken Salazar Gets a Kick in the You-Know-What


Michelle Malkin

For all his John Wayne rhetoric on the BP oil spill, President Obama has failed to administer a swift kick to the ample, deserving rump of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. No matter. Federal judge Martin Feldman has now done the job the White House won’t do.

In a scathing ruling issued Tuesday afternoon, New Orleans-based Feldman overturned the administration’s radical six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling — and he singled out Salazar’s central role in jury-rigging a federal panel’s scientific report to bolster flagrantly politicized conclusions. In a sane world, Salazar’s head would roll. In Obama’s world, he gets immunity.