District Court Judge Rules Fusion-GPS Must Turn Over Bank Records…


U.S. District Judge Richard J Leon ruled today that Fusion-GPS must turn over their banking records as required under the existing congressional subpoena.

Fusion GPS had sought an injunction from the federal court blocking the U.S. House Intelligence Committee from forcing them to provide banking records related to their 2016 opposition research work on Russia related matters.

In a 26-page-ruling (full pdf below) Judge Leon rebuked each of the Fusion GPS reasons for the injunction and ruled the subpoena from the congressional committee was appropriate, proper and lawful.

This is critical and presents a joint approach toward the entire scheme. At the same time the Judicial Committees are focusing on the DOJ and FBI and how they used the FISA court, the House Intel Committee is focusing on the underlying documents, research and evidence behind the manipulated FISA warrant. Splendid.

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Kentucky Man Had Right to Shoot Down Drone, Judge Rules


Free Republic

Back in July, a Hillview, Kentucky man shot down a drone that was flying over his property. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and wanton endangerment for destroying the $1,800 unmanned aerial vehicle.

Now, a judge has cleared him of all charges.

William Meridith, 47, said his right to privacy made it ok to shoot down his neighbor’s drone. The owner of the drone said he was simply flying it to get aerial images of another neighbor’s house.

Meredith told WDRB about the incident:

“Sunday afternoon, the kids-my girls-were out on the back deck, and the neighbors were out in their yard,” Merideth said. “And they come in and said, ‘Dad, there’s a drone out here, flying over everybody’s yard.’ Well, I came out and it was down by the neighbor’s house, about 10 feet off the ground, looking under their canopy that they’ve got in their back yard. I went and got my shotgun and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything unless it’s directly over my property.'”

Earlier this week, Bullitt County District Court Judge Rebecca Ward ruled that since witnesses testified the drone was flying “below the tree line”, Meredith has a right to shoot it down.

“He had a right to shoot at this drone, and I am gonna dismiss this charge,” said Ward.

The drone pilot, David Boggs, provided video evidence to Ars Technica that his drone was actually flying over 200 feet above the ground.