Judge Jeanine Drops Bombshell About Obama.. This Explains It All

Conservative Tribune

President Obama has been gathering much-deserved criticism for his ridiculous comments at the National Prayer Breakfast, where he thoughtlessly compared the Islamic State to modern-day Christians for the simple reason that, you know, the Christians had the Crusades almost a millennium ago and stuff.

One of the loudest critics was Judge Jeanine Pirro, who used her Fox News show to lambast the president over his behavior at the prayer breakfast. Amongst other things, the FNC personality offered her own take on why the president felt so comfortable slandering Christianity.

“You know I’ve been watching this president for six years,” Pirro said. “And after this week’s prayer breakfast, it all came together. It finally made sense to me: Barack Obama is comfortable with extremism.

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Savages Obama; Canadian Asks Why Obama Is Not Being Removed


Canadian commenter at Youtube knocks it out of the park:

I’m not American. I am Canadian. But I am getting concerned that you guys aren’t taking action against this IDIOT you have in the whitehouse. If you are thinking “its none of my business, think again. Since we share the same borders, when a moron like the bastard-born president escorts ebola onto the continent, Canadians get worried. You have the 25th Amendment to deal with this guy. Why aren’t you using it. This man is clearly on a crusade to destroy your country. You need to replace him TODAY!

– image credit: obola the virus

We are the ones that painted “the house” White! That is how it got the name whitehouse. From this distance it looks like your LIberals (democrats) are intensely racist. That is all they think about. Racism is their lens for everything. They wanted to elect a black guy. Any black guy. So they picked one with a low IQ, no ID, ties to domestic terrorists and who is a compulsive liar! In Canada, we would have physically thrown him out long ago. Youtube.