Obama Brings Taliban Chief Irek Hamidullin to US for Trial to Provide Same Civil Rights as US Citizens

Freedom Outpost
The treachery of Obama. The rout of the Democrats in the recent election has clearly taught Barack Obama nothing. The American people unequivocally declared to President Obama that we are on to him. And he shouted back, “Who cares?”


He has always held the American people in contempt, but now it’s official presidential policy. Now he is sending troops back to Iraq. Apparently the decision was made to send these troops back in September, but Obama held off on announcing it until after the election – in a Friday night news dump.

So now we know that for him nothing is sacred, not even human life. Under Obama, war is politics – and if it’s not politically expedient, then victims, nations and freedom be damned.

Meanwhile, Obama is continuing his jihad to close the prison housing jihad terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, despite realities on the ground and the escalating war on the West by devout Muslim armies. He has released deadly jihadists from Gitmo, only to have them rejoin the mujahadeen and wage holy war.

But this latest act of treason takes Obama’s treachery to a whole other level. Obama has brought Irek Hamidullin, a commander in the Taliban, a murderer of American troops, to the United States for a civilian trial. Read that again. Irek Hamidullin is the first military detainee from Afghanistan to be brought to the U.S. for trial. He is given the same civil rights as an American citizen.

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