Ten Questions for People that Oppose the Travel Ban


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Family Security Matters



President Trump’s reintroduction of the so-called “travel ban” – a watered-down version of an already milquetoast version of a well-known campaign pledge – has nevertheless provoked the only thing worse than widespread hysteria: widespread hysteria pretending to be surprised.

Par for the course, the neosectarian regressive Left has successfully employed its twin holy grails – the race card and identity-politics – with an emotional appeal to, and romanticization of, the proverbial “immigrant experience.”

America is importing tens of thousands of people from the deadliest half-dozen conflicts in the Middle East.  To think that a three-month pause is rational – maybe even obvious – has quickly been framed as bigoted and inhumane.  Rather than explain the historically baseless nature of these crocodile tears, I cannot help but think that finding common ground, preferably by way of common sense, would be a more worthwhile pursuit.

Therefore, before attacking the moral integrity and character of others like a social justice David Miscavige, perhaps more level-headed criticism of Trump’s ban should begin by providing logically-deduced answers to the following questions.

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Why is Small Town America being Inundated with Muslim Immigrants?



Looks like my old stomping grounds in Montana are heating up. People there are not taking Obama’s plan to force refugees on them lying down. There was a protest in Missoula, Montana at 10 a.m. this morning over that very issue. It is just one of many battles brewing out there in small town America.

Small towns in the sparsely populated parts of America are the perfect place to relocate these refugees. Especially, if your agenda includes politically terraforming the country. The West is historically conservative in their politics. Many are Republicans and Libertarians. Even the Democrats hearken back to an earlier time when they were more conservative in nature. Obama and the Democrats can’t have that. They need to have an entire country willing to submit to Marxist diktats. They need areas seeded with those who will vote Democrat and ensure that they stay in power no matter what.

And it’s not just voting demographics that are pushing this move either. I personally believe that there is a warped logic to all of this. That if Islam can be made the predominant religion in America, people will be more easily controlled. That’s insane of course and won’t work, but there you have it. Instead, Shariah law will be implemented and you will see the same atrocities occurring in Europe happen here. The big difference being, that at least for now, Americans are armed and will use those weapons to protect their neighbors, loved ones and country.

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Will Western Civilization Survive the European Project?

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The dream of a unified Europe is turning into a nightmare for citizens of countries whose sovereignty has been surrendered to unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels and to leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel who have exercised outsized influence on the European Union’s policies.

Faced with cascading economic, sociological and security calamities brought on by the arrival of many thousands of mostly Muslim migrants, publics in nation after nation are beginning to push back.

Particularly in “New Europe,” anger at Merkel’s open invitation to Syrian and other “refugees” is producing border closures, dislocations and political upheavals. In Poland, for example, a conservative party just received an electoral mandate to reject EU-dictated quotas for migrants and to reassert national sovereignty.

America should learn from, encourage and emulate those seeking to preserve Western civilization from the invasion now underway in Europe.