Obama Regime Stonewalls Investigation Into the Terrorists It Has Been Importing


Just how far does this have to go before people acknowledge it as treason?

Leading senators on Monday petitioned multiple Obama administration agencies to stop stonewalling a congressional investigation into the immigration histories of at least 113 foreign-born individuals implicated in terrorist operations after legally entering the United States, according to a copy of the letters.

The latest investigation comes just days after the Washington Free Beacon disclosed that an additional 41 foreign-born individuals who legally entered the United States had been arrested for planning a number of terror attacks.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) and Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) disclosed Monday that they had been pressuring the Obama administration for months to disclose the immigration histories of these foreign-born individuals implicated in terror plots.

Agencies including the Departments of State and Homeland Security have stonewalled these efforts, declining since mid-2015 to provide Congress additional information.

Passing off Obama’s Department of Hostile Foreign Infiltration as the “Department of Homeland Security” comes straight out George Orwell, in the tradition of the Ministry of Truth, et cetera.

Sessions and Cruz note that at least 14 of those foreigners accused of terrorism were granted legal entrance to the United States as refugees.

“Many more came through other immigration programs,” they wrote. “A number of immigrant terrorists were even approved for citizenship. Others are the U.S.-born children of foreign migrants whose presence in the country would not be possible but for the immigration of their parents.”

Islamic colonists imported by Obama today will not only be snakes in the cradle for years to come, but for generations to come.

A senior congressional aide familiar with the investigation said the soaring rate of immigration is taking a toll on the U.S. security establishment.

“The cost of high rates of Muslim immigration are clear: enormous security challenges combined with vast expenses to track and convict those here attempting to wound Americans,” the source said.

Already these challenges are beyond the capacity of the officials who actually mean America well. The situation will get much worse:

Under the administration’s plan, an additional 170,000 new migrants from Muslim-majority countries will enter the country in 2016.

Obama’s RINO allies in Congress have proven willing to fund this perfidy. American blood will inevitably be spilled in increasing qualities; it will stain the hands of anyone who was in a position to stop Obama but chose instead to collaborate.

They shifted into an ugly direction on January 20, 2009.