The Two O’s Betrayal of White America

Family Security Matters

While black celebrities such as Oprah continue to claim that Obama is opposed  and disrespected because he is black, the truth is the polar opposite. Because Obama is black, he enjoys   unprecedented imperialistic power and respect. Obama ignores the Constitution,   changes and refuses to enforce laws at will.
Despite impeachable   offenses, white America does not have the stomach to impeach the first   “African-American” president. Consequently, Obama’s lies and deceptions continue  to devastate the lives of millions of Americans without serious push   back.
A courageous black woman, Rosa Parks, played a major role in   launching the civil rights movement by refusing to take a seat in back of the   bus. Ironically, our first black president has forced the Constitution, the law,  freedom and liberty to the back of the bus.
How are millions of white   Americans responding to being called racist by black celebs (Oprah, Samuel L.   Jackson, Morgan Freeman and others) who have become multimillionaires as a   result of white patronage? These black celebs are absurdly  using a  refusal to rubber stamp Obama’s liberal socialist/progressive agenda as   evidence of racism against a black president.
And yet, a majority of   white Americans give their black accusers a pass; probably for the same reason   they voted for and have given Obama a pass. White guilt.

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