Nationwide “Impeach Obama” Protest Set for August 6

By Keith Koffler @ White House Dossier A grassroots group with thousands of members is planning nationwide protests August 6 calling for President Obama’s impeachment. The group, “Overpasses for Impeachment,” has gained steam since launching in mid-June and now appears to have a presence on all 50 states. Scores of protests are on tap, with members taking to overpasses above major throughways during morning and afternoon rush hour brandishing signs calling for impeachment. The organizing has been done mainly via the group’s Facebook Page, which has spawned Facebook groups in all 50 states, most of which appear to have hundreds and in a couple of cases thousands of members. The group has already staged dozens of overpass protests leading up to the nationwide event August 6. One in North Carolina, covered yesterday by the Winston-Salem Journal, appears typical. […] –

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