New study puts a STUNNING price tag on illegal immigration

Family Security Matters

During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump made enforcing our immigration laws a cornerstone of his campaign. To most Americans, Trump’s immigration policies were not only desperately needed, but simple common sense.

After all, the United States has a right to enforce its own immigration laws. Predictably though, liberals slammed Trump’s proposals as racist – the new fashionable argument against any conservative idea.

Of course, it hasn’t always been this way. At one time, getting tougher on illegal immigration was a bipartisan idea. While Republican President George W. Bush pushed hard for reforms, prominent Democrats such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama generally agreed. Today, Democrats have done a complete 180 from where they were a mere ten years ago.

Aside from calling many ideas “racist,” Democrats have come up with a host of other excuses for not wanting to enforce our immigration laws. Chief among those excuses is the idea that illegal immigration is a net benefit for the economy, costing U.S. taxpayers very little in the process. However, a new study may finally debunk that argument once and for all.

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Obama complains about ‘no jobs for blacks’ while importing millions of illegals [Say WHAT?]

Free Republic

Am I hearing Obama correctly? While speaking at My Brother’s Keeper, Obama complained about lack of jobs for blacks. He then called for more investment in black communities to help solve this problem.

Strangely absent from his remarks was the impact illegal immigration has had on jobs available to the LEGAL citizens of this country, INCLUDING blacks. Did Obama forget that it is largely because of HIS overturning of our immigration laws that blacks can’t find jobs???

Why won’t the black community speak out against Obama’s immigration policies? Do they fear insulting their soul brother in the White House?


Obama Teams Up With Mosques for Special Project


Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama recently announced that he was unilaterally changing the immigration laws.

This although he has clearly stated for the record, on numerous occasions, that he has no Constitutional authority to do so.

Using executive action, Obama announced a new “priority system” for deportations, essentially focusing on only criminal illegal immigrants for deportations, while effectively granting a form of amnesty for millions of others.

Obama has even announced changes to the law which put in place certain steps required for the “legalization” of illegals, although he further admitted that “ordinary” illegals wouldn’t be deported even if they didn’t jump through the hoops that he set up.

Now Breitbart is reporting on the flood of illegal immigrants coming out of the woodwork to see if they qualify for Obama’s amnesty.

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