A final footnote on Gadhafi

Photo via Fellowship of the Minds

Photo via Fellowship of the Minds


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The report from the House Benghazi Committee discloses a previously unknown but incredibly instructive footnote to the story of the Obama administration’s disastrous foreign policy toward Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi.

It was Gadhafi loyalists who rescued the Americans who bravely fought for their lives through the night of Sept. 11, 2012 against the Islamist onslaught on the Benghazi Mission compound.

The Salafi-jihadist Muslim Brotherhood-inspired groups – whom the U.S. trained, equipped and supported in overthrowing and assassinating Gadhafi – actively participated in the assault and murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

Why did former Gadhafi elements, who disappeared underground for fear of assassination after he fell, assist the same government that had betrayed them only months earlier?

Like their former boss, they understood the need to defeat the common Islamist enemy of the U.S. and Libya. Gadhafi warned me of the true threat to global stability when I met with him on three occasions during the 2000s.

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