Hope is Fading Fast

By 1 Dragon

How many times did you hear it? Hope and Change or I will not rest till this crisis is over, or we will put it on C-SPAN for everyone to see, or you can keep the same doctor, or a Bill will be posted on the internet before it is voted on. Well, some of us knew what the Change was going to be because we didn’t believe in the hype. We knew Obama was a mistake, we knew he was a Fraud and a usurper, but we were called racist and bigots.

Now, Hope is Fading………………

Flopping Aces

You can call me what you want but I’m an American First. I’m not an African American, an Irish American, or an Italian American, I am an American and the only Hope I want is that I hope Obama doesn’t get elected for another four years, because I don’t think there will be much left of her if he does.

Slowly but surely people are seeing Obama for the Empty Suit that he is. He can’t put two sentences together without his teleprompter. He is out of touch with the People and probably  still has no idea how many states there are. People are opening their eyes and are seeing a Big Mistake. His Perfect image in Fading.