Home Depot Rolls out the carpet for Sharia Law;

Free Republic

A Home Depot in Dearborn MI was the latest victim succumbing to the demands of an organization that shouldn’t be in existence in the United States of America. An American company the home depot gets over powered by the Muslim Brotherhood terror linked organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has cast. The employees will be subjected to cultural awareness training. The CAIR states this will help them accommodate the religious sensitivities of the Muslim employees and customers. Corporate and Managers gain a better understanding of Muslims and are taught Islam.

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Ferguson Hot Dog Vendor at Home Depot Robbed and Beaten With Hammer for His Cell Phone

Gateway Pundit

Thu Aug 22 10:19:29 PDT 2013

Police: Suspects hit hot dog vendor with hammer at local Home Depot

Police are hoping surveillance video will help catch four suspects after a hot dog vender was robbed and attacked with a stolen hammer at a Ferguson Home Depot on Wednesday. view full article


A hot dog vendor at a Ferguson Home Depot was robbed of his cellphone and struck in the head with a hammer by four shoplifters. The incident occurred around 3 p.m on Wednesday.  The Home Depot is located in St. Louis County at the 10900 block of New Halls Ferry Road.   According the CBS St Louis, “the suspects are black men in their early 20s. Two of the suspects were wearing white t-shirts, one had a plaid shirt. The fourth was wearing a blue shirt and had his right arm in a cast.”

KMOV St Louis reported:

Authorities said the hot dog vendor was standing at the front entrance of the Home Depot in the 10900 block of New Halls Ferry Rd. around 3 p.m. when four shoplifters walked by and swiped his cell phone.

Police said the vendor chased them out of the store, but was struck in the head with a hammer one of the suspects had stolen. The suspects then got in a car and drove away.

The bloodied victim was transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Authorities were looking at surveillance video to help identify the suspects.


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