The establishment’s 2016 election strategy

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Family Security Matters


The main objective of the political-media establishment and, in particular, Barack Obama is to prevent any post-election investigation of the rampant corruption in Washington DC.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans want to maintain their standing as permanent political elites, whereby they may continue to treat ordinary Americans as indentured servants and broker the tax revenues for the benefit of themselves and their wealthy donors.

It is clear that the Obamas and Valerie “Rasputin” Jarrett hate the Clintons and do not want to risk “payback time” from a vindictive and ruthless President Hillary.

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New video from Hillary’s campaign reminds us of one failure after another



The most truth you get in the following video comes at the beginning, and again right at the end. That’s where you’re told that Hillary Clinton is a “fighter” who is “passionate about what she believes in,” and where you’re told by Hillary herself that she doesn’t quit.

Ain’t that the truth. She is passionate about one thing and one thing only – herself as president. And she won’t quit. No matter how completely unqualified and unprepared for the job she shows herself to be, no matter how many lies she’s caught in, no matter how sleazy her personal dealings are exposed to be . . . none of it matters. She must be president and you must make her so.

But you’ve got almost five minutes to fill here, and with nothing legitimate to say in support of the Hillary-would-be-a-great-president narrative, you might as well offer a bunch of nonsense. And she does, so what you have to do is what you always have to do with anything coming from the Clintons. You need to pay close attention and you need to know your history. Yes, she was put in charge of health care reform in 1993. And it was a complete disaster. Yes, she went to the UN to prattle on about the rights of women and girls, especially given the policies of certain countries – many of the same countries from whom she accepted massive contributions to the Clinton Foundation while granting favorable policies to the donors.

Yes, she agreed to be Obama’s Secretary of State, not because she loves her country but because she saw it as the logical stepping stone to the presidency for herself. And no, she didn’t “mend” relationships with other countries that had been “frayed.” During her tenure, she and Obama thumbed their noses at longstanding allies like Britain (Falkland Islands snub), Canada (Keystone XL pipeline foot-dragging), Poland (missile defense welch) and Israel (everything).

She also claimed in her big speech on Saturday that she “stood up to Vladimir Putin.” That one statement pretty much encapsulates everything you need to know about Hillary. Whatever she may have done that in her mind constitutes “standing up” to Putin, it obviously had no real-world effect. Ask Ukraine about that. A dumbass “reset button” intended to blame the Bush Administration for every problem with the Russians clearly solved nothing, and only a very foolish individual would ever think that it would.

This video is a perfect of example of how political consultants are willing to present a very unimpressive career in a positive light. The problem they face, of course, is that too many people know Hillary’s actual record and the real results stemming from it – and will gladly point out what a crock this is: