The question nobody is asking about those ‘stolen’ Hillary emails that Papadopoulos supposedly told Downer about

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By Greg Richards

I was just reflecting on the Papadopoulos/Australian High Commissioner Downer communication which was allegedly one of the starting points of the 2016 spying on the Trump campaign.

The point at issue was Papadopoulos allegedly saying that the Russians had 33,000 Hillary emails. After that was the yada, yada, yada that the Trump campaign knew this because it was colluding with the Russians, etc., etc.

But here’s the question… aren’t the 33,000 emails that the Russians allegedly had the emails that Hillary had already deleted?

“with a cloth?”

Aren’t these the emails that she claims were yoga appointments and wedding arrangements?

It has not been part of the Hillary story, so far as I can recall, that the Russians stole 33,000 high-value emails from that Hillary server. Even James Comey would have to take note of that.

My point to you is: Isn’t there an anomaly here in that these alleged 33,000 emails the Russians allegedly have been treated as high-value intelligence whereas Hillary’s whole claim is that these were trivia? If the Russians stole 33,000 high-value emails off Hillary’s server, on what basis did Comey claim that she had violated no statutes?

And if they were trivia, why all the concern about whether or not the Trump campaign knew about them?

Comey and Mueller can’t have it both ways.

Hillary Emails: 7 Smoking Guns Found … So Far

Photo via WND

Scandal: The media’s “no smoking gun” refrain about Hillary Clinton’s emails has been strangely muted since several turned up with information beyond Top Secret. But this is just the latest in a growing arsenal of smoking guns.

After each previous batch of emails that has been released, reporters would quickly proclaim that there was nothing in them definitely proving that Clinton broke the law. At least, that’s what one would assume constitutes a “smoking gun,” given the way the scandal has been covered.

But what if a “smoking gun” means catching her in a flat lie or putting national security at risk or being unbelievably, if not criminally, negligent in her handing of classified information?

By those perfectly reasonable standards, there are so many smoking guns now that Hillary is starting to resemble Annie Oakley.

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Recovered images from Hillary emails prove it was only yoga

The People’s Cube
While the Federal Bureau of Investigations is still at a loss regarding the content of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail cache from her days as secretary of state, one thing they have determined beyond a shadow of a doubt is that the Democratic presidential frontrunner is a diligent distance-education yoga student.

Emailing yoga routines are standard practice in distance education, said Mrs. Clinton’s online yoga instructor Maha Bharata through an interpreter. He claims that over the years he has sent her over two hundred thousand Hindu-language emails with pictures of yoga poses, which constitutes 90% of the data that had been wiped clean from Clinton’s personal server.

GE CEO: We Will Not Release Hillary Emails

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Weasel Zippers

But remember, Hillary said she wants the American people to see them. So why wouldn’t you?

Via Daily Caller:

General Electric (GE) CEO Jeffrey Immelt said Wednesday that he will not release the emails that GE exchanged with Hillary Clinton’s State Department during the period in which GE was donating to the Clinton Foundation.

“Again, I think that’s not something we would do. Right?” Immelt said at GE’s shareholder meeting in Oklahoma City, OK in response to a question from Justin Danhof of the National Center For Public Policy Research, who pressed the CEO to release written communications with the State Department.

Secretary of State Clinton lobbied the Algerian president in 2012 to pick GE as a contractor for Algerian power plants. GE got the Algeria deal and quickly thereafter donated to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton also lobbied on behalf of Clinton Foundation donors including Boeing and Chevron.

“I think for a global company it’s very normal business where the State Department and or other officials actually help us around the world” Immelt said in the exchange, audio of which was reviewed by TheDC. “And we do that today. We did that in the past. I hope we do that always.”

“That’s what we did. And that’s what we do today,” Immelt said.