Exclusive — Charlie Hurt: Higher Gas Prices Are Part of Left’s Plan to Make Driving Unaffordable

Gas prices exceed $5 a gallon at some Los Angeles area stations – FOX 46  Charlotte
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Raising the price of gasoline is part of Democrats’ plan to make driving unaffordable for most Americans, Breitbart News columnist Charles Hurt said Monday .

“They make no secret about the fact that they … want gas at six dollars a gallon,” Hurt remarked. “They want it at eight dollars a gallon. This is not a secret to them. Their intent is to raise the price of gas so that it is so expensive that nobody can drive anywhere. … They want gas to be at $20 a gallon. They want it to be like Europe because they want no one to be able to afford to drive anywhere. That’s their goal.”

Breitbart News reported:

The early Biden era inflation is weighing particularly on the bottom end of the income scale. Gasoline prices, for example, rose 8.8 percent in March. The lower third of household incomes spend more on transportation than the upper two thirds, according to long-running data from Pew Charitable Trusts. In 2019, transportation costs—of which the price of gasoline is a major component—accounted for 17 percent of all household expenditures, according to Statista, the second biggest category after housing.

According to the latest data from U.S. Energy Information Association, national gas prices currently average $2.85 per gallon, up 99 cents from one year ago, an increase of 34.7 percent.

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