Common Sense = Healthcare Rationing A Sure Thing

Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Common sense, (unhappily) not very common these days, dictates that under ObamaCare healthcare rationing in the US is a given.  Even Obama’s new Czar of Medicare and Medicaid has said so.

Donald Berwick having been installed in the position by the Obama Regime’s “Recess Appointment” (While Congress is out of session) will hold that position, come hell or high water, until the end of the year 2011 (roughly 17 months).

With the use of the Recess Appointment Obama managed to get HIS man in the position HE wanted him without a Senate hearing or even a Senate vote on his nomination.

See how easy it was for tricky Obama to by-pass the Senate and, even more importantly, the American people, to get his way?

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Obama, Say It Isn’t So!

President Obama was out and about yesterday and not playing golf.  He was first in Missouri stumping for Carnahan and then on to Nevada (14% unemployment) to stump for his right hand wing nut Harry Reid.  In Missouri, he was touting the benefits of a green truck factory which, by the way, is not hiring, is three times more expensive than your average fossil fuel fueled trucks, and is exhausting the stimulus money (our tax dollars) even as we speak.

President Obama…from your own mouth we get ‘…under crap & trade, electric rates are necessarily going to skyrocket’, so why would anyone in their right mind want to procure anything that is powered by electricity.  Oh yeah, he is also creating about 3,000 jobs total in a couple of states including mine in the manufacture of solar panels.  That’s it!  What will he do when the sun refuses to shine?  That day is in the near future.  Volcanic ash can preclude sun shine and even cool the earth’s temperature which should appeal to ‘global warming’ alarmists even as they blame the volcanic eruptions on former President George Bush.

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