Actually, The Future SHOULD Belong To Those Who ‘Slander’ Muhammad!

Free Republic

When our president says, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” he does so under the false notion of appeasement. He believes that in his calls for “civility,” he’ll be fostering a more tolerant environment for everyone. We are the world and what have you. There are a few problems here. Firstly, let’s address the word slander. By definition, slander is to make false and damaging statements about (someone). Muhammad was a hateful, warmongering, wife-beating pedophile whose dying words were that of calling for the deaths of Christians and Jews.

How can any damaging statement that one makes about such a person be “false”? There is no falsehood under the sun with which I could “slander” Muhammad (terrorism be upon him) that could possibly be worse than his actual actions. You say tomato, I say historical accuracy.

(Excerpt)